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Yes On SaveOurSantee: Measure N

What does this ballot measure do?

Measure N protects Santee from overdevelopment, and prevents resultant traffic gridlock in a high fire are. It does so by amending the Santee General Plan to require a vote of the people for development projects that would increase density or otherwise intensify land use over that currently permitted by law.

Why the ballot measure is needed?

Santee public officials are politicians who have demonstrated by recent actions that they cannot be trusted to represent community interests, but those of developer interests who fund their campaigns. If passed, no more backroom deals to carve up our rural lands and stress our neighborhoods.

Don't we need more housing?*


The massive Fanita Ranch project would more than double the allowable density and place over 8,000 residents in the path of wind-driven firestorms. Measure N simply limits development to existing zoning laws unless voters approve changes in density.

Does this measure affect all development in Santee?

No. Only development that seeks to violates the adopted land use plan by increasing density without a vote of the people..

Why do smart planning, environmental and community organizations support SOS?

  • Helps protect 3,000 acres of important open space for all San Diegans

  • Reduces fire risk by keeping development out of a high fire area identified by CalFire

  • Limits traffic congestion

  • Saves sensitive habitat and open space recreational areas

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