Yes On SOS: Measure A

What does this ballot measure do?

Safeguard Our San Diego Countryside (SOS) prevents massive new developments from going forward in rural, backcountry and agricultural areas without getting voter approval first. The public should have the final say.

Why the ballot measure is needed?

San Diego County Supervisors are politicians who have demonstrated by recent actions that they cannot be trusted to represent community interests, but those of developer interests who fund their campaigns. If passed, no more backroom deals to carve up our rural lands and stress our communities.

What about need for housing?

The County General Plan approved in 2011 after 18 years of participation by stakeholders throughout San Diego laid out an intelligent plan for sustainable growth. Currently there are 60,000 lots approved for new housing near schools, services and infrastructure.

Does this measure affect all development in the County?

No. Only development that seeks to violates the adopted land use plan by increasing density in rural areas.

Why do smart planning, environmental and community organizations support SOS?

  • Protects farmlands

  • Reduces fire risk by keeping development out of high risk areas 

  • Limits traffic congestion

  • Protects rural communities

  • Saves sensitive habitat and open space recreational areas

  • Supports public transit by focusing density in towns and villages

Paid for by Stop all Sprawl - A committee in support of Measure A and opposed to Measure B   FPPC# 1424110

Briana Beleskie, Treasurer

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