No On Newland: Measure B

What is Newland Sierra?

A proposed mega-development of 2130 homes and 81,000 sq ft of commercial in a rural area zoned for 100 adding 6,000 residents without adequate transit, water & sewer. The definition of sprawl growth.

Why is this on the ballot?

On September 26, 2018, the current County Board of Supervisors voted to approve a County General Plan Amendment to rezone rural lands from 100 homes to 2130 and a commercial center. The General Plan was the result of an $18 million, 18 year effort involving all stakeholders using a smart growth strategy placing housing density around villages and protecting agricultural and habitat sensitive lands. This amendment upends a smart growth plan approved by previous Supervisors.

The Referendum

A successful referendum with over 117,000 registered voters signatures gathered over 17 days forced the Board of Supervisors to put the development to a vote of the people.

Reasons to vote NO

  • Adds 28,000 trips per day to an already stressed transportation system with no public transit

  • Located in a "Very High Fire Hazard Severity" zone

  • Destroys sensitive habitat and recreational open space

  • 10 years of cut and fill construction 

  • Opposed by environmental, community and planning groups: (partial list)

Paid for by Stop all Sprawl - A committee in support of Measure A and opposed to Measure B   FPPC# 1424110

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