NOVEMBER 3 Election

YES on Measure N

Safeguard SANTEE open space

YES on Measure Q

Stop Corruption in SANTEE

SIGN the Referendum: DONE 


S A S organized to educate voters about the stakes for San Diego's environment in the upcoming elections with grass-roots field campaigns aimed at stopping sprawl development especially in fire prone and protected habitat areas.

Ballot Measures

Two measures on the November  ballot will determine the landscape of rural Santee.

Measure N would require a vote of the people for any change to the Santee General Plan, ending backroom deals that sell out rural areas like Fanita Ranch. Measure Q would impose 12 year term limits on City Council seats.


S A S needs your help to get out the message through our on the ground campaign to protect San Diego's rural lands including Fanita Ranch in Santee. 

Get Involved

SAS is hitting the streets to get the word out about the importance of voting Yes on Measure N and Yes on Measure Q.

Join us walking precincts, human billboarding, phone banking, talking with neighbors and community groups, and participating in upcoming events. Download a yard sign

About Fanita Ranch


Referendum Petition To Rescind Fanita Ranch approval turned in early with over 6200 signatures! (3600 needed to qualify)

Santee City Council Meeting: September 23

6:30pm. Council approved sprawl plan for Fanita Ranch 4-1


Santee Mayor                         Stephen Houlihan

Santee City Council, D4.          Samm Hurst

San Diego City Council, D1       Joe LaCava

San Diego County, D3             Terra Lawson-Remer

"Fanita’s natural urban growth boundary provides endangered species habitat and a golden scenic backdrop of visual relief for the city. The northern interior of the ranch is a walk back in time with a unique serenity now unknown elsewhere in coastal San Diego County."


Paid for by Stop all Sprawl - A committee in support of Measure A and opposed to Measure B   FPPC# 1424110

Briana Beleskie, Treasurer

8304 Clairemont Mesa Blvd  Suite 213

San Diego, CA  92111.  

Website: Lisa Ross Communications

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